Project Management

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Complete Project Management


We wouldn’t have called ourselves Solution Services if we didn’t enjoy overcoming challenges. You can expect positive leadership designed to efficiently streamline all facets of project organization and execution. Our project management team has integrated our specialized fluid and mechanical divisions to create a true one stop project shop. The result is uninterrupted flow of industrial energy like no other. Put us to the test today and see how we can create a plan for success.

Planning: Schedule, budget creation and engineered work packs including safe work procedures.

Preparation: Sub contractor management, material receiving and staging, action tracker and meeting facilitation.

Execution: Progress reporting, quality control and assurance package.

Team Players

Every project is different. We excel at strategically leading the way, but also know the value of being a good team player. We have a proven history of successful cooperation with clients and subcontractors. We use our experience and process to alleviate stress and optimize efficiency for our clients.

Free Estimates: Need help creating your budget or AFE? We’re here to help.

Project Scheduling and Reporting: Solution Services completes an average of 37 turnarounds a year. By now, we have a knack for scheduling and progress reporting.

Work Breakdown Structuring: We’ll create specific task requirements, identify any and all hazards, controls, and resource requirements.

Project Meeting Facilitation: Let us run the meetings for you. Using our proven agendas and action trackers, we can ensure the team stays focused and on point.

Quality Assurance is at the heart of our organization. If we torqued a bolt or opened a vessel, we documented it and can guarantee it was done by trained and qualified workers to your exact specification.

Integrated Project Management

  1. Fire and explosion prevention and management
  2. Flush flow plans
  3. Degassing and debulking procedures
  4. Project specific ventilation planning
  5. Norm, VOC, and pyrophoric control
  6. Spill prevention planning

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