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Your best for Specialized Fluid
Maintenance, Construction & Valve Services

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Solution Services is molded around the Maintenance and Production side of the Oil and Gas industry.
WE offer the perfect variety of services, and when combined together, delivers a collaborative and innovative solution that maximizes operational resources.
This drastically reduces your overall costs, equipment consumption and environmental impact.
We do MORE with LESS.

Specializing in Shutdowns, we can plan, coordinate and execute YOUR next project;
Mechanical (Picker Tool Truck Crews, Hydraulic Torquing), Repairs / Alterations / New Construction,
Valve Services and Chemical Cleaning (Combination Vacs / Super Chem Units).

We'll provide the appropriate package of equipment, man-power and planning needed to safely and efficiently complete ANY job.
Our Specialists have many years of experience in all aspects of Shutdowns, and you'll find peace of mind knowing
we are Your Best Solution.

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Wasyl Kobylanski, President
“Our business model is centered on creating strong partnerships and investing in people. Our success and strength is created and maintained by each individual. who is part of our team, our family and our culture.”
JOSEPHINE KOBYLANSKI - Chief Financial Officer
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