Solution Services – Case Studies

Pembina Brainard Project

Full Turnaround

Date: May 2022

Labour Allocation: 100+ Workers

Total Hours Worked: 31,556


In May 2022, Solution Services performed a full turnaround on Pembina Brainard’s facility. We successfully utilized robotic vessel cleaning equipment on previously troublesome vessels with great success. Our expertise and knowledge helped tackle unforeseen circumstances, and our strategic plan aided in completing each task safely and more efficiently. Ultimately, we started the facility up with zero leaks after altering 1,500 connections, then assisted operations with additional scope and throughout start-up.

overall scope

  • Tanks cleaned: 9
  • Towers flushed: 7
  • Vessels cleaned: 8
  • Vessels blinded and de-blinded: 64
  • PSVs removed for servicing: 212

Pembina Brainard