Solution Services – Case Studies

Kiwentinohk Project

Full Turnaround

Labour Allocation: 100+ Workers

Total Hours Worked: 31,556


In another successful 2022 turnaround, Solution Services completed all operations at Kiwentinohk’s facility two days ahead of schedule. Notable achievements during this project include successfully cleaning a 10k BBL produced water tank with robotics and removing approximately 120m3 of NORMS contaminated solids, cleaning a further two 10k BBL tanks in just a nine-day window, removing, servicing, and replacing over 140 relief valves, and finally removing and cleaning two large reboiler bundles.

overall scope

  • Tanks cleaned: 2 x 10,000bbl, 2 x 2,000 bbl, 1 x 750 bbl
  • Towers flushed: 3
  • Vessels cleaned: 18
  • Bundles pulled and replaced: 4

Kiwentinohk Project